Evening session

Tentative titles of USD7 invited talks:

Christoph Lienau (Germany):
Ultrafast Nano-Optics: Novel light and electron sources for surface science

Jean-Yves Bigot (France):
Femtomagnetism in thin films and nanoparticles studied with visible and X- ray pulses

Uwe Bovensiepen (Germany):
Electron dynamics and phase changes in correlated materials

Rupert Huber (Germany):
Ultrafast dynamics of terahertz excitations: from observation to coherent control

Xiaoyang Zhu (USA ):
Dynamics at 0D/3D semiconductor interfaces: excitons, hot electrons, and coherent phonons

Henry van Driel (Canada):
Coherent control and nonlinenr optics in carbon nanotubes and graphitic Layers

Reinhard Kienberger (Germany):
Recent developments in attosecond spectroscopy at surfaces

Fulvio Parmigiani (Italy):
Ultrafast electronic response and charge transfer at surfaces

Philippe Wernet (Germany):
High harmonic generation for time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy

Aimo Winkelmann (Germany):
Optical control of spin in nonlinear photoemission from metals 

Kunie Ishioka (Japan): 
Coherent optical phonons on semiconductor surfaces 

Martin Weinelt (Germany):
Fano interference in two-photon photoemission

Julia Staehler (Germany):
Electron transfer and solvation at polar molecule-metal interfaces: Ultrafast dynamics of efficient electron trapping

Eugeni V. Chulkov (Spain):
Time scales and lifetimes of surface excitations

Jun Kubota (Japan):
Dynamics of chemical reactions at surfaces under thermal excitation by laser irradiation and probed by time resolved SFG spectroscopy

Daniel Sanchez-Portal (Spain):
Progress in theoretical modelling of surface electronic structure and dynamics

Tim Lian (USA):
Ultrafast charge transfer dynamics at quantum dot/molecule interface

Martin Aeschlimann (Germany)
Injection dynamics of spin polarized carriers across interfaces

Christian Spielmann (Germany):
Time-resolved XUV spectroscopy

Simon Wall (UK):
Quantum interference effects in ultrafast dynamics of a low dimensional Mott insulator 

Rodolfo Del Sole (Italy)
Many-body theory of electronic excitations: from bulk to surfaces

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