Pulse interaction with defect decorated gas-solid-liquid interface

Scope of the USD7 symposium

One of the central goals of surface science is to develop microscopic understanding of elementary steps in surface reactions. The dynamics of such elementary processes occur on the (sub)femtosecond time scale and are governed by ultrafast electronic and vibrational energy transfer and relaxation processes. The objective of this symposium is to discuss current experimental and theoretical advances in the analysis of ultrafast surface phenomena. The symposium will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations, posters, as well as extensive discussions.

Special emphasis will be focused on the following topics:

·  Electronic states, electron dynamics and energy transfer at surfaces and interfaces

·  Vibrational energy transfer and wave-packet dynamics at surfaces

·  Ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy of coherent surface and adsorbate excitations  

·  Attosecond physics and ultrafast X-ray pulses

·  Laser-induced surface femtochemistry and dynamics in adsorbates and molecular films

· Spin-dependent dynamics and spin-polarized transport at surfaces and interfaces, magnetooptics and ultrafast magnetization
·  Ultrafast spectroscopy and coherent control

·  Advances in ultrafast surface spectroscopies

·  Ultrafast dynamics in nanostructured correlated materials






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