TEX and the coresponding PDF-file of abstract should be created by using the template at usd7.isf.hr/template. Please download the ZIP archive (AbstractUSD7.zip), and unpack it. Type in your text in the TEX template, create and add your EPS-figure(s) if desired, latex the files, and create the corresponding PDF-file which should not be longer than one page. Rename your abstract TEX-file, figure EPS-file and PDF-file as indicated in the TEX template itself. Send the created files to usd7abstracts@ifs.hr as an attachment, with indication of presentation preference (oral or poster); in the subject line please write the last name of the first author (e.g. SUBJECT: Smith abstract USD7)

Submission deadline 31st May 2010.

Notification of acceptance 15th June 2010.

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